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Welcome to my new website!!

A lot of things are changing and one of those things is this website. As of Friday, April 14, 2017, I have published the last of my self-published books. After long and careful consideration, I want to try my hand at submitting traditional publishing. I will still finish out a few of the series I have going, but any new series or novels will hopefully be through a publisher.

Also, you can find a few books on Wattpad. Three is the complete Lost Trilogy and the other is one you can read as I write it. My expansion of reaching for my writing grows as does the stories in my head.

You’ll also find all books that I’m reading on my blog A ROMANTIC JOURNEY BOOK BLOG and what I thought of each of them. My blog is meant to help support and promote all authors as well as bring to you new authors you may not have heard of yet.

Enjoy yourself with all things books from a person with the love for writing new worlds and reading them.